Aug 13, 2022 – Driveway Wash and Seal

This job was done on Cherokee Ln. in Brentwood's Indian Point neighborhood on August 13th 2022. We did a full driveway wash and seal.

Project Summary


Cherokee Ln.

Service Type

Wash & Seal

Project Date

August 13th, 2022

Project Type


Dirty Driveway

This driveway started out caked in mud and organic growth. It was very dirty and dark colored. 

Pressure Washed

We started with a thorough pressure wash. We hit it with 4000 PSI of water and a specially formulated chemical to get it perfectly clean and bright. 


We gave it a day to dry and then laid down our wet-look sealant. Now the driveway looks good and is protected for years to come. 


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