Jul 1, 2022 – Patio/Pool Deck Wash

This job was done for a house on Wilson Pike on July 1st 2022. We did a full pressure and chemical wash.

Project Summary


Wilson Pike

Service Type

Chemical Wash

Project Date

July 1st, 2022

Project Type


Dirty Patio

This patio and pool deck was changing color due to the long standing dirt and organic growth. It was in high risk of having permanent staining and long term damage. 

Pressure Washed

We started with a thorough pressure wash. We hit it with 4000 PSI of water and a specially formulated chemical solution to get the surface perfectly clean and bright.

Before and After

You can see how much better the patio looked after the cleaning. Pressure washing makes a huge difference in a home’s curb appeal and general aesthetic. 


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