Jul 13, 2022 – Driveway Wash and Seal

This job was done on Wildflower Ct. in Franklin's Sullivan Farms Neighborhood on July 13th 2022. We did a full driveway wash and seal.

Project Summary


Wildflower Ct.

Service Type

Wash & Seal

Project Date

July 13th, 2022

Project Type


Pressure Washed

We don’t have a before picture for this driveway but it was covered in dirt. After a light pressure wash and a lot of chemical, it lightened up quite a bit. 


This picture shows how much of a difference in color and appearance the wet-look sealant makes on the driveway.


We gave it a day for the driveway to dry and then laid down our wet-look sealant. Now the driveway looks like new and is protected for years to come.


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